Cistercian Altar Bread

E 11096 Yanke Drive   

Prairie du Sac, WI   53578


608-643-3520 x2


9:30 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday.


We are closed for business on the first Friday of every month, on all Solemnities of the Church and of our Cistercian Order, and for our annual retreat and other select days.

 *  Please note:  Due to the volume of our current customers, and our need to keep a balance between prayer and work,

we are not accepting new customers at this time.

  We encourage you to consider purchasing your altar breads from a different religious community.  

For a list of communities who make altar breads, please click here.


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Please see our News page for updates related to our anticipated relocation to a new monastery in Fall of 2023.


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